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Rough Collie Breeder from Hause Melchert
Blue Merle
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Collie puppies

Here you can see a small selection of photos of puppies from my kennel.On my other side, there are plenty of beautiful pictures and information about my collies and collie puppies.

Blue Merle Collie Welpe

Puppies 12 days old
puppies 12 days

For small prints I just need glasses
collie puppy

in the middle: my little Dachshund "Elena"
rough Collies

Collies can laugh
longhaired collie

My goal as a breeder is absolutely healthy and well on the people and his environment on the long-haired collie puppies socialized breed. I do the puppies with all the important things in human life familiar. The early contact to children is infinitely important. Only fully genetically healthy dogs come into consideration as parents. Trough this careful breeding selection really very nice, healthy and strong nerves Collie puppies are born to be love and care well characterized. Our dogs live with us in the house and on our large property. They live with us and not next to us. Kennels we reject completely. We also give our puppies only in responsible and loving hands. Family connection is an absolute prerequisite. We would be glad about a visit. I will answer all your questions with pleasure and without obligation. My collie puppies have at disposal a very big garden with a lot of great play and hiding place possibilities. Also the house is one single adventure for small collie. It is very important that the
puppies learn a lot of environmental factors . A lot of human visit, above all children, other animals and all kinds of machines in house and garden can be explored.
Collie puppies are very intelligent, unlocked and are curious, that's why they want everything and must get to know.

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If you are looking for a full-fledged, really absolutely healthy plus beautiful and incorruptible family member that goes with you through thick and thin, then you are right with us. Family Connection is a condition and essential.                                        upwards